Introduction to Access Showbiz

Welcome to our blog!

Jeff, Suren, and I started Access Showbiz when we were dealing with a lot of questions about the entertainment industry but also realized that there were a lot of scams and misinformation out there about how the industry works.

We decided that the best way to address all that is to make a series and a blog so that people get the right information in their hands. Among all three of us, we have a LOT of experience we are willing to share with people.

Sometime soon, we are going to upload intro videos about ourselves so you have a better idea of where we are coming from when we give advice. All of us work in different facets of the entertainment industry: Jeff gives his knowledge that comes from casting, Suren approaches the entertainment industry from the business side and I do some casting as well as independent productions. However collectively, we have both breadth and depth of information. And whatever we don’t know, we have access to the people that do, including producers, directors, assistant directors and others that we would like to bring to you.

Feel free to bookmark, subscribe or spread the word around about Access Showbiz. Looking forward to presenting you more things to come!

~Ryan Omega
Access Showbiz

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  1. Lorri Beth Sands says:

    I’m attempting to re-enter the industry after raising a family. I was referred to you through our friend Judy Race. Judy and I go back many years and laughs ago. We performed together many times. It’s a new world with many changes. I love a place I could go to for advise and suggestions in a honest and straight-forward manner. Thanks!

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