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18-to-look-younger and other age-related dilemmas in casting

American society has an interest in looking young and staying young and the Entertainment industry actually promotes this idea. But not necessarily just because of culture, it is because the industry has unique applications of labor laws that affect film … Continue reading

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The most useful tool in the entertainment industry

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Introduction to Access Showbiz

Welcome to our blog! Jeff, Suren, and I started Access Showbiz when we were dealing with a lot of questions about the entertainment industry but also realized that there were a lot of scams and misinformation out there about how … Continue reading

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The basics of the SAG-AFTRA merger

Jeff Olan from Jeff Olan Casting, on behalf of Access Showbiz, answers all the basic information questions about the recent SAG-AFTRA actors’ union merger that is going to affect acting and the entertainment industry to come.

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