PLEASE NOTE: ALL talent must be Covid tested prior to being placed on any of our sets. 

  • A specific work line that is updated (sometimes several times a day) for our men, women, SAG and Non-Union talent to call 24/7 to check on our current projects. Just leave your name, contact # and the role you are submitting for. If we can use you, we’ll get back to you. It’s as easy as that!
  • Info line with clear details for your call time, location and wardrobe.
  • During hiatus, we set aside a couple of weeks for our talent to come in and update photos. In the meantime, if you have a new look, just let us know and we will add a note to your file. If we need a current photo to submit you to production, we will contact you.


At times, when we are casting for unique roles or “rush calls”, we  will post casting calls on our FACEBOOK PAGE, as well.

Check out the EXTRA “EXTRAS” page for answers to talent’s frequently asked questions.