• 24/7 service with a database of over 10,000 professional fresh faces
  • Wide range of talent- from newborn babies to senior citizens. We even provide animals!
  • Talent of all ethnicities and backgrounds. We will get the look that you want
  • Stand-ins, photo doubles, day-players, coordinators and all other specific background needs
  • Up-to-date color photos of specific looks at your request, for “picture-pick” selections
  • Variety of actors with multiple talents, acting abilities and skills – as well as people who can speak multiple languages
  • Talent that possess cars, motorcycles, musical instruments, costumes, etc.
  • Strong relationship with SAG-AFTRA and the Child Labor board
  • JOC takes care of all SAG-AFTRA clearances
  • Close relationship with directors, producers and assistant directors, going over scripts and  attending production meetings to make sure we provide the right looks for your production. JOC is known for our “personal touch” and accessibility
  • Work with all budgets
  • Recommend payroll services that can best work with you
  • Seasoned Casting Directors that cast day players and principal actors
  • Space available for auditions
  • Available to travel to any location in California or out of state, for productions

JOC background talent heading to the set for a fun scene